Exercise and diet go hand in hand when it comes to living a healthy life. In most cases, a client will be doing all the required exercises but still not getting any results, the possible reason can be their unhealthy diet. Hence, as a gym trainer, it is your responsibility to provide a healthy diet plan to your client. But, how can you manually make sure that your client gets a balanced diet? This is where nutrition planning software comes to your rescue. 

A meal planning software is designed to help nutritionists and trainers to plan a perfect meal portion for their clients. The recommended diet will provide all the nutrients needed but in a balanced way. Hence, when choosing a meal planner, you need to make sure that it is the real deal. 

To help you with picking the best nutrition planner out there, we have listed the best ones we came across. So, let’s see what the best software’s has to offer and how can you use them for nutrition planning. 

Top Meal Planning Software’s To Choose From

When it comes to choosing meal planning software, you will have several options to choose from. Softwares offer calorimeters to a full nutrition plan and much more. Choosing the one that fits your needs is the way to go. So let’s have a look at the most trusted nutrition softwares. 

  1. My Fitness Pal

My Fitness Pal is a household name when it comes to tracking your nutritional intake and planning your daily diet. This is available as a mobile app and can be used on the web too. Moreover, the user-friendly interface makes the selection of food items easier and you can check the nutritional value of each and every food. 

One of the best things about My Fitness Pal is that this application has both free and paid versions. With a free version, you can have access to the caloric value of each food. On the other hand, the paid subscription allows you to keep a food diary and access advanced features too. 

As a trainer, you can log in to your client’s food diaries and see their nutritional plans. As a result, coordination will be easier and you will be able to plan your client’s workout in a better way. 

  1. Mevo Life Software

Another top-ranked software for nutrition planning is MevoLife Fitness Software. This software also comes with both free and paid subscriptions. It offers a meal planner where you can drag and drop several food items and make a plan. The best part about this software is that you can download the plans in pdf and access them offline too. 

  1. Nutritics 

The software’s that you will come across usually only offers a few foods and a planner for dietary intake. Nuritics on the other hand has more than 800,000 foods in its database which makes it one of the top choices. Moreover, it also contains supplements, so it is your all-rounder diet planner. 

Another feature of this nutrition software is that it offers several recipes. As a trainer, you can go through those recipes first and suggest the required changes to your client. This app can also be used as a habit tracker which makes it even more versatile. Lastly, it is available both in the web version and as a mobile application named LIBRO.

  1. My Plate

The next nutrition software in our list of best nutrition planners is My Plate. This application serves both as a nutrient planner and offers several workout videos too. As a result, the clients can not only make customizable plates but also try new workouts. The best thing about My Plate is that it is free. This makes it accessible to all kinds of users and trainers alike. 

The application also offers customizable shopping lists, a daily meal planner and tracker, and nutrition charts and guidelines too. Hence, this app is perfect for you if you want to experiment with the food guidelines but do not want to pay for a nutrition tracker unless you know it works for you. 

  1. Stronger Fast

Last but not least on our list of best meal planning software’s is Strong Fast. This software is highly advanced and offers a number of features when it comes to diet planning. To get your client’s nutrition plan, all you need to do is enter their body composition and food preferences. The software will run its advanced Al and concoct a customizable plan for your client. 
This application comes in free, pro, and professional plans. The free plan offers one meal day and a workout plan. As for the pro version, it offers weekly meal plans which are customizable along with a workout pan. Moreover, the pro plan comes with a 7-day free trial too. Lastly, with the professional version of this application, you can use several professional tools to customize your client’s nutrition plans and track their nutritional intake in a more effective way.


Choosing the right kind of nutritional plan along with the right workout plan is critical to yield results. Therefore, when choosing nutrition software, make sure it offers customizable plans and comes with nutrient tracking. This will eventually make workout management easier for both you and your client.