Numerous CS:GO fans take advantage of the thriving in-game economy, including CS:GO skin trading. While some players just have fun using CS:GO skins on their weapons, others have learned how to make money from them. Thus, they invest their cash in the purchase of skins and make a profit on reselling them. M4A1-S is a popular pick, so investing in its skins sounds like a good plan. However, not every player is ready to buy really expensive collectibles, so most deals do not exceed the $500 price. Icarus Fell is one of the most popular skins in this segment, so let’s have a closer look at this design and other accessories. 

M4A1-S | Icarus Fell: Brief Overview

For a weapon as practical as the M4A1-S, which is regularly used by Counter-Terrorist players, the Icarus Fell skin is a real discovery. Indeed, this is a pretty spectacular design for relatively little money. Even though this skin is not available in the StatTrak version, it still has a lot of fans and can be a nice alternative to other popular skins for M4A1-S. 

The body of the M4A1S Icarus Fell has a classic black background. A pleasant, bright design retells the story of Icarus, giving your enemies a suggestion of their future if they appear in your way. An image of melting wax and feathers has been applied in a bright blue color. There are only two types of quality in this skin: Factory New and Minimal Wear. This is a pretty bright and original design in neon blue tones. The skin became available on 25 May 2015, as part of the Gods and Monsters collection. The price for the Factory New item starts from $370 and can reach $770. The Minimal Wear version will cost you about $400. 

Is it Possible to Craft M4A1-S | Icarus Fell?

Although the M4A1-S has only a 25% chance of successfully crafting Icarus Fell, it should be noted that all crafting options are relatively inexpensive, so if you manage to craft Icarus Fell, consider yourself lucky and save an extra $50–60. Here are some “recipes” for how to do it:

  • Minimal Wear. The cheapest “recipe” for crafting M4A1-S | Icarus Fell includes five Field-Tested MP9 | Pandora’s Box and five Field-Tested Negev | Desert Strike. The total price of this crafting will be about $40;
  • Also, the Minimal Wear version can be crafted in another way: you will need five Minimal Wear UMP-45 | Minotaur’s Labyrinth and five Minimal Wear P2000 | Ivory. The total price of this craft will be slightly higher than the previous one and will be about $45–50;
  • Factory New. The assault rifle M4A1-S can also be obtained by crafting with the following items: five Factory New UMP-45 | Minotaur’s Labyrinth and five Factory New Negev | Desert Strike. The price for this crafting option will remain as low as $42–55.

However, we should not forget that the probability of successful crafting is small, so there is a high chance that the result may be a weapon from another collection.

Best Sticker to Complement Your Skin

If you feel like your new skin lacks some details, you can always attach some stickers to it. A sticker from a player’s inventory can only be applied once to any existing weapon or skin, after which it will be removed from the player’s inventory and only exist on the weapon it was applied to. A maximum of four stickers can be applied to M4A1-S. Below, we have made a selection of the most admirable stickers for your rifle so that you look bright and stylish at the same time: 


CS:GO has stickers for players with different roles: captains, snipers, supports, and even biters. If you do not like to act together with the team but prefer only to shout at the teammates in the voice chat, this sticker was created especially for you. The yellow cobra’s head with its open mouth looks really like a bright spot on the Icarus Fell skin. Besides, its price is not so high: you can buy a Toxic sticker for $0.49.

Vortigaunt the Painter

This is a unique sticker that refers to several celebrities at once. Firstly, we are talking about Half-Life’s Vortigaunt monster, which caused a lot of stress for old-school players. And secondly to Bob Ross — the famous artist with outstanding hair. Even if you don’t know this artist and have never played Second Life, this sticker is just funny. Its current price is just $0.03.


The Crown is one of the rarest stickers in CS:GO. It has a metallic design and costs around $460 in the marketplace. It has a golden crown and a skull, which looks terrible and stylish at the same time. Unlike the previous alternatives, this sticker is rather costly. However, having it on your M4A1-S | Icarus Fell immediately makes you more noticeable on the battlefield. 

Katowice 2014 

Katowice 2014 was the first Major tournament where team stickers appeared. Since then, they have gained astronomical value and are popular with collectors. The following stickers have been added: Vox Eminor,, Natus Vincere, mouse sports, iBUYPOWER, Team Dignitas, fnatic, Team LDLC, LGB Esports, Titan, etc. Each of them costs good money, so attaching this sticker to your weapon is an indicator of your experience. 

Bomb Doge 

Dog-meme Doge has been conquering the internet for several years, so Valve could not ignore it. Of course, the dog on the sticker is maximally adapted to Counter-Strike and looks absolutely native. The current price for this sticker is just $1.90. 

Unlike skins, stickers do not have a fixed design when purchased. In addition, they do not deteriorate over time, but their look can be changed using the Erase Sticker option to give the illusion of wear. Each time you click it, the design of the selected sticker will deteriorate, as will the appearance of weapon skins. Using this feature too many times will result in the complete elimination of the sticker from the weapon. Before final cleaning, a pop-up warning will appear to confirm the elimination.

Where to Buy and Sell Skins?

Skin trading has become something of a second, separate reality for CS:GO players. The thrill and anticipation of dropping and getting rare items to be able to sell them later on the market undoubtedly keep adrenaline in the blood. Although Valve provides a marketplace for trading skins between users on Steam, this certainly does not allow you to make money due to the impossibility of withdrawal. But thanks to third-party marketplaces, there are more than a few platforms that expand the possibilities and make it profitable to buy and sell CS:GO skins. 


M4A1-S is the “golden mean” among all rifles in the game. If you want to customize your rifle with the help of cosmetics, feel free to use skins and stickers. If you are looking for a nice design for your M4A1-S, applying the Icarus Fell skin with Katowice 2014 stickers will definitely help you grab the attention of your enemies. Check it out!