Is your smartphone capable of managing your entire business? Yes, it is. Today, more than ever, it is important to use digital marketing applications to build your brand. To provide you with the most effective range of apps for marketing online, we have tried and tested several apps, and ultimately, we have picked the best Digital Marketing apps for iPhone.


It is possible to keep notes and track the progress of what you are working on with Trello. It allows you to create boards that can be used to keep track of different tasks that require note-taking.

The basic layout is adaptable and allows you to alter your content in a variety of ways. It also lets you utilize the collaborative tool provided by the software to help connect all team members to assist manage every aspect of your work in just a few minutes.

Facebook Pages Manager

Today, Facebook is a massive aggregation of content. But it’s a mess; with Facebook Marketplace, Facebook Groups, Facebook Watch, and the news feed that is regularly updated cluttering up the space, it’s nearly impossible to know the best way to stay up with the activities of your Facebook corporate page.

Facebook Pages Manager is an app that can help you simplify all the activities of running the activities of a Facebook page. It can be used for commenting, posting, liking, and responding to private messages. It is possible to manage page control through this Facebook application, alter information, pictures, and details, and even monitor data. It’s best of all; the app is free to download and use.

Make sure to have a strong internet connection like CenturyLink before downloading this app and then for seamless use of the app. Check CenturyLink Internet plans and get one that suits you the best. 


Basecamp allows you to locate high-quality reports and documents. You can make to-do lists and set up real-time chats with your entire team via Basecamp. It is possible to schedule activities and tasks with others also. A comprehensive storage system for data also allows you to keep track of your marketing efforts in real-time and not lose track of what you need to share with the world.


If you are looking to create professional social media images, Canva’s new application brings all the features of the internet right to your tablet or phone. Make use of pre-designed templates and drag elements in place to create your images to upload to social media. 

With Canva’s integrated social sharing, you can share your images directly to social media using only a few clicks on your smartphone’s screen. If you are just looking for an easy image editor, Canva is an excellent tool for free. With Pro and Enterprise plans, you will get more features for just $10 per month.


One of the major challenges with marketing is that you have to sign into several websites to monitor your information. Plai is a relatively new application that integrates analytics data from Google Ads, Google Analytics, and YouTube. It gives you a fluid visual experience that can help you keep track of your marketing performance throughout the day. It also provides keyword research and the latest content.

Before starting a campaign or even a social media post, you can browse the latest content regarding your field, find appropriate keywords to use, and gain knowledge of the most recent strategies for marketing. The user-friendly marketing application is an excellent opportunity to familiarize yourself with the marketing statistics for your company.

Copy leaks Plagiarism Checker

There’s always the risk that you are taking your materials for marketing from different sources. Copy leaks can help you figure out the specifics of what you are copying as well as the source from which those materials are copied.

It can be used throughout your entire text to prove that what you’re writing for your website or other pieces of marketing content is original. This is especially important to ensure that there isn’t any attempt to copy any competitor.

Adobe Reader

Marketing and business are becoming increasingly dependent on the PDF format. It is beneficial to have an iOS application that can open PDF files. Adobe Reader is available for users to download online at the moment.

Utilizing Adobe Reader, it is simple to open PDF files in a matter of minutes. It can be used to go through all the details within a file and highlight specific passages worth noting. It is also possible to zoom into and out of pages of your files to aid in finding the information you are seeking earlier.


Each of these applications helps you with your digital marketing. These digital apps will assist you in getting the most out of the content you are trying to make. Therefore, you should use these apps efficiently to increase your brand’s visibility.