Are you fascinated with luxury cars and automobiles? A majority of people aspire to own their dream car from a very young age. A car is a beast of a machine which has a lot of interesting information about it. Famous and iconic car brands are best known for their logos and often do not even need a tagline.

The logo of a car brand is its identity, as it is seen as a part of the car body and often goes out as a luxury statement. Do you know about all the famous car brands and their logos? In this article, let us touch upon the most famous car brand logos and how they developed their reputation.

The most famous car brand logos and their background

Mercedes Benz

The Mercedes Benz logo is an easily recognizable logo that is often touted as the most recognized and famous in the world. It is a hollow circle with a point star inside it. The circle gives it an outer structure and also stands as a sign for the complete car.

The three-point star has a deeper meaning, with the three parts standing for the three dimensions of universal motorization: on land, on air, and on water. The color of the logo is always a chic metallic gray, which gives it a sense of sophistication and ubiquitous style. Because of its universal appeal, the Mercedes Benz logo is the most recognized in the world.


The four rings of Audi are as famous as the five rings of the Olympics, or probably more. The four rings are a sign of luxury, but there is a simpler hidden meaning behind the four rings. The merged four-ring quartet stands for the Audi, Horch, DKW, and Wanderer companies that merged to form the larger Audi company.

The merger happened between standalone pioneering companies of automobile manufacturing, which created the giant Audi specializing in luxury cars. Today, the four rings stand for quality and unmatched experience for the one who sits behind the wheel.


The BMW logo is also one of the most famous car logos in the world. Even though a lot of people think that the roundel of a BMW signifies the propellers of a plane, this is not the case. The colors used in the roundel logo of BMW are the national colors of the free state of Bavaria.

Rapp Motor Works was the company from which BMW emerged, and it had the roundel with a horse as its emblem. When BMW was formed, it kept the roundel and added the colors of Bavaria. BMW, therefore, does not have any connection with airplane propellers.


The emblem of the famous car company Lamborghini has a fighting bull in a shield-like embossment. The idea of putting a bull in the sign comes from the Zodiac sign of the founder of Lamborghini, Ferruccio Lamborghini. His zodiac sign was Taurus, and so the bull was a preferred sign. He was also very interested in bullfighting and saw bulls as a sign of strength and power. The gold in the logo is a representation of excellence and perfection.

The black used as a contrast included in the logo stands for power, prestige, integrity, and elegance. The tradition of the bull has also continued in the exclusive and special edition cars from Lamborghini. These special edition cars have also been named after fighting bulls. From the raging bulls of Seville to the naming after bulls, Lamborghini has a tradition of power and strength.


Ferrari is also well known as the world’s fastest car. Ferrari has a befitting prancing horse on its logo, which shows speed and style. Enzo Ferrari, the founder of Ferrari Motors, had taken the prancing horse as the logo from the fuselage of the airplane of Count Francesco Baracca.

It was a belief that putting the famous war hero’s horse logo on the cars would bring them luck and good performance. Enzo Ferrari then modified the logo to make the horse black in color as a sign of mourning for the hero lost in battle and kept the background color yellow as a tribute to Modena. Thus, the logo has a tinge of patriotism towards Italy and heroism included in its logo.


Porsche cars are the epitome of style and performance on modern roads. The Porsche emblem in its modern form was adopted back in the 1950s. The logo has an interesting origin story, as it was said that the logo was designed on a napkin by Ferry Porsche.

However, some people believe that the original idea came from a Porsche engineer. The rampant horse on the logo of Porsche has stood for unmatched speed and performance. This horse was taken from the Stuttgart coat of arms.


The Volkswagen logo is one of the oldest and most recognized logos. The logo has a VW shape in it, and it is not clear how it came to be. However, there are multiple theories regarding this. Some people say that the logo was originally designed by Martin Freyer, while others say that it was designed by someone from Porsche.

The blue of the logo stands for excellence and class, while the white stands for purity and charm. The car logo is today seen after a lot of modifications on cars around the world. The last time this logo was modified was in 2000.

These are some of the famous car logos and the story behind their design. Each car brand logo is unique and represents some values for their loyal customers. A lot of people prefer opting for a particular car from a particular brand as they trust the brand. Highly reputed brands like Audi, Ferrari, and Lamborghini also have a strong badge of trust.

Whether it is about buying a piece of luxury to drive around or a comfortable car for families, people rely on popular car brands that have continuously delivered quality and performance to their customers. Legacy and tradition are a huge part of such famous car brand images.