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Landing internships. Hiring interns. redefined.
Our Philosophy

We believe that the presentation of your professional story is critical in obtaining career advancements and hiring stellar talent. Interns and companies alike deserve an opportunity to “be picky,” and that opportunity starts with showcasing talent, passion and drive through an outlet that transcends the paper resume.

The hiring process needs a reinvention. It needs innovation. Like sushi. It needs variety and sophistication. It needs to be a little bit more raw. Also, you rarely see a messy plate of sushi, right? We believe the way an intern chronicles his or her career journey and aspirations should be no different.

As our world obsessively embraces multimedia, we have made it our mission to utilize visual imagery to transform the paper resume into a tool that injects transparency into the employment process. This ignites a much deeper collaboration between a candidate and hiring manager.

What We Do

On Intern Sushi, both interns and companies create Profiles that bring their personalities, achievements and goals to life. Interns can apply to internships with top companies right through the site or use their Profiles as personal websites to share wherever they'd like. Companies are able to scout for talent to find the interns that best fit their available internships. Interns can favorite companies to be alerted when new positions are posted. Our simple dashboards allow both sides to track the status of their applications and communicate with one another to make final hiring decisions.

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Who We Are

Founded by an intern turned film producer turned entrepreneur, we understand the need to inject storytelling into the hiring process. We are a group of creative-thinkers who will not stop until we find a better way.

Shara Senderoff Co-Founder and CEO

Intern Sushi Co-Founder & CEO Shara Senderoff was named one of Forbes’ “30 under 30” leaders in Tech, Fast Company’s “100 Most Creative People in Business...

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Mark Gordon Co-Founder

Mark Gordon is an award-winning producer with more than 70 motion picture and television projects to his credit. Gordon's most recent projects include Duncan ...


Richard Gelb Co-Founder

Richard Gelb's experience as advertising account executive for Dunkin' Donuts, Calvin Klein and FedEx inspired him to co-found TVT Records, creator of the...


Mike Lukyanenkov Technical Product Manager

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Mike Kerwin Front End Developer

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Kelly Lefkowitz CFO

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Jeff Boodie Account Manager

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Matt Pettigrew Account Manager

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Marcel Christian User Engagement Coordinator

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Alex Pavlov Quality Assurance Analyst

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It’s simple. The attributes of a great intern match the attributes of sushi. When you choose a sushi restaurant you often consider quality, variety, presentation, sophistication and innovation. You never see a messy plate of sushi.
We stress the importance of being raw and transparent to display exactly who you are and what you can do. We encourage interns to be picky about where they intern and companies about who they hire.
We are grateful for some amazing press.